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As a key part of the ZAPÁS research network the recently launched web map serice provides access to the satellite data sets and thematic products as well as the study area locations developed within the project. Going beyond the visualization of the geographical distribution of forest biomass related maps, such as growing stock volume, forest cover and disturbances (e.g. fire and clear cutting), the map portal provides a toolset for various data analyses methods.

In particular, the web-based geo-spatial analyses functionatities aim at fostering the joint exploitation of Russian and European Earth Observation data, where new cross-validation approaches are possible to analyse up- and down-scaling effects of integrated data sets and products and finally to improve their overall accuracies.

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A one-day field trip to the Bolshemurtinskoe local test sites was realized on 28 August together with FSU and and the Suchachev Intitute of Forest of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SIF-RAS). The field trip organized by SIF-RAS was aiming to validate the first set of local map products, such as forest biomass and disturbance maps. First reference data were collected for the validation of local mapping activities. More »

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On August 22, a Workshop “Environment and Global Climate Change” within the joint German-Russian Project “Central Siberian Laboratory on Global Climate Change – Sib-Lab” was held at the Center for Grant-Oriented Activity, Siberian Federal University (SibFU). http://www.sfu-kras.ru/en/10764

The Workshop participation was represented by 46 researchers and PhD students from the Russian Federation (SB-RAS institutions and universities), SibLab project partners from Jena and Berlin, Germany and by exchange students from France as starting researchers. More »

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A global mosaic of PALSAR FBD SAR data is generated by JAXA in a spatial resolution of 25 m with HH and HV polarizations covering the years 2007 to 2010. The mosaic  was ordered from JAXA for the years 2007 to 2010 within the K&C project. Single mosaic tiles data were downloaded and mosaicked by FSU. A data example of a HH polarization image of 2010 with highlighted local test sites of Krasnoyarsk Kray and Irkutsk Oblast are shown below. More »