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News on the GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Implementation Team were recently published in the latest Newsletter of the GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Project Office

Content: Central Siberia’s Forests resource monitoring  -  3rd GOFC-GOLD Symposium  -  Outcomes of the UNFCCC COP 18 Forest Day  -  Voluntary REDD+ databse (VRD)  -  GlobBiomass User Consultation meeting  -  Landsat Data Continuity Mission  -  The REDD Cookbook  -  Calendar of activities

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One key objective of the ZAPÁS project (in close cooperation with the ESA project BIOMASAR-II) is the mapping and monitoring of growing stock volume at multiple scales. Different satellite data are being explored, for intance to track cover changes of the natural Taiga forest in the Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk regions in Central Siberia. In the framework of the EU-Russia Space Dialogue data from the ESA ROSCOSMOS and JAXA Space Agencies are analyzed. After the first project year, the following data sourses are analysed:

  • Very high resolution: RESURS DK-1 [5 m] (Validation)
  • High resolution: ALOS PALSAR [25 m] (local to regional scale Growing Stock Volume mapping)
  • Coarse resolution: ENVISAT ASAR [1 km] (regional scale Growing Stock Volume mapping)

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The recently published book “Let’s embrace space” contains around 50 projects from thwe 3rd call of the FP7 SPACE research programm. Ongoing research projects covering topics from land monitoring, space propulsion, and space whether are introduced. The ZAPÁS project is included in Chapter 14 in part I Earth Observation  - land monitoring. The 560 page book is available for download in the EU book shop.

Let's embrace space

Let’s embrace Space

ISBN: 978-92-79-22207-8

DOI: 10.2769/31208