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Recent results of the cross-comparisons of Radar-based growing stock volume maps and recommandations for forest management are now published in MDPI Forests. Download the paper: Exploiting Growing Stock Volume Maps for Large Scale Forest Resource Assessment: Cross-Comparisons of ASAR- and PALSAR-Based GSV Estimates with Forest Inventory in Central Siberia.

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A synergy paper entiteled Supporting a Forest Observation System for Siberia: Earth Observation for Monitoring, Assessing and Providing Forest Resource Information has recently published in Earthzine, a contribution of the IEEE Committee on Earth Observation (ICEO) in support of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and its mission.

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Learn how to use the forest resource maps in the ZAPÁS Geoportal:

Download (PPT, 19.53MB)


This webinar explains the main functions of the ZAPÁS web portal. Learn how to access different forest resource maps (e.g. growing stock volume, high resolution imagery, or forest cover maps) and how to extract information for your specific area of interest.