Информационный бюллетень

ZAPÁS Информационный бюллетень No.1                                                      Октябрь 2011          PDF


ZAPÁS Inauguration Event at NTsOMZ March 22, 2012

EU-Russia Environmental Dialogue Forest and Land Cover Monitoring              March 2012              PDF

The ZAPÁS Project in the Framework of the EU-Russian Space Dialogue          March 2012              PDF

ZAPÁS Data Contribution from ROSCOSMOS                                                     March 2012              PDF

ZAPÁS Data Contribution from ESA                                                                     March 2012              PDF

Central Siberian Land Cover Mapping                                                                 March 2012              PDF

Central Siberia Biomass Mapping                                                                        March 2012              PDF

Towards the Verified Full Carbon Account of Russian Forests                            March 2012               PDF


ZAPÁS Fact Sheet                                                                                               August 2011             PDF