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The assessment and monitoring of forest resources in Siberia, as one of the aims of the EU FP7 ZAPÁS project is being implemented in the Siberian Earth System Science Cluster (SIB-ESS-C). The recently launched Earth Observation Monitor (EOM) is a product based on the Siberian Earth System Science Cluster established at the Department of Earth Observation at the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena. Time-series data from NASA MODIS sensor is provided for an easy access and analysis with web-based technologies. The analysis of time-series data is focused on the detection of breakpoints, trends and phenological parameters. The web-based access to MODIS time series data and time series analyses tools is fostering the operational use of recent earth observation time series data to detect forest change processes. With an automated data access and analysis process the user does not need to process the data. Get the EOM flyer here and test the functionality for your area.

Bfast detects breakpoints in remote sensing time series and enables the detection of points in time. The example shows logging activities detected in 2005 in the Taiga of Central Siberia followed by changing phenological cycling due to reforestation.

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